Innovate at Mach Speed

Like so many other industries, the travel industry is facing rapid evolution that brings new opportunities to light. The airlines that capture these opportunities the fastest will succeed in a landscape marked by competition from online travel agencies and other resources that draw revenue and loyalty away from their brands.

See how Amadeus and Celerity are working together to ensure rapid development of the digital tools airlines need to soar past their competition and maintain control of the bottom line.

Download our case study now to learn how Celerity developed Avia Flight Compare, the first of many innovative applications for the Amadeus Digital Experience Suite Open Marketplace specifically designed to preserve customer loyalty, improve competitiveness and increase revenue.

“The airline industry is excited about the prospect of easily adding capabilities to their websites that increase stickiness, generate additional revenue, cement loyalty, offer ancillary services, and make competing marketplaces irrelevant.

—Excerpt from Accelerating Innovation: Putting Airlines on the Fast Track to Competitive Success