The Role of the Product Owner: From Mystery to Mastery


Agile Product Ownership is complex, difficult, and fraught with unclear expectations.

Are you an Agile Product Owner? Then you realize that many Agile projects suffer from poor or absent Product Ownership, and the results are often undesirable: the product runs over budget, takes longer than expected to develop, or never makes it to completion.

By clearing up confusion around the Product Owner role, you’ll be able to execute projects more successfully for your organization.

Download this whitepaper and you can:

  • Learn the 24 Do's and Dont's of effective Product Ownership

  • Master key Agile Product Owner responsibilities

  • Identify the risks of poor Product Ownership

  • Deliver products that users love without sacrificing quality

  • Properly balance time and attention across constituent groups using Scrum/Agile


The Role of the Product Owner